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I'm Swift, 27 year old trans guy. This blog is a multi-fandom/personal blog, mostly Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Game of Thrones at the moment, with some other odds and ends thrown in. Expect occasional Brad Dourif, Disney/Pixar, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, or whatever else catches my fancy at the moment.

Formerly loathsomegargoyle. Url was given to someone else, so if you see a loathsomegargoyle that is no longer me.

Be warned I am a newbie learning to make gifs. For my own reference or anyone who might be curious/have requests here are some of the things I want to gif.

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I’ve always enjoyed stories about the Devil. It sounds really… I’m not a Satanist! But there’s a reason Paradise Lost was more successful than Paradise Regained. The Devil’s a much more charismatic figure than Jesus." - Daniel Radcliffe, Total Film Magazine



Farscape: Meltdown




actually on this topic

manpain is a META concept that exists to discuss FICTIONAL SEXISM. in real life, if you laughed about “someone’s manpain”, you would be a disgusting piece of shit for a human being no matter what your gender was. if you were laughing that someone’s life was destroyed by the death of their mom or their fiancee you would be a fucking shitheel not worth my time, and i would not watch a fucking tv series about you.

Oh god yes.  Are there people who don’t realize this?

The significant difference between fiction and real life is that in real life things just happen, whereas in fiction things only happen because of choices made by the writer/s.

When fancritics talk about manpain, we’re not mocking Bruce Wayne or Dean Winchester for their suffering; we’re mocking the writers for thinking that hurting them is the best way to tell the story, and that killing (usually female) characters they love is the best way to hurt them.

And perhaps more importantly: Killing off female characters is a good way to “hurt” them that won’t actually hurt them or slow them down, it’ll just make them mad.

"Manpain" is not the same thing as "pain felt by men".

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aeryn sun meme ♔ [three/five] relationships → pa’u zotoh zhaan


When Jon had been a boy at Winterfell, his hero had been the Young Dragon, the boy king who had conquered Dorne at the age of fourteen. Despite his bastard birth, or perhaps because of it, Jon Snow had dreamed of leading men to glory just as King Daeron had, of growing up to be a conqueror. Now he was a man grown and the Wall was his, yet all he had were doubts. He could not even seem to conquer those.



The flowers on the cherry blossom trees in Coraline (2009) are made of popcorn spray painted pink.

"The Grand Budapest, a picturesque, elaborate, and once widely celebrated establishment. I expect some of you will know it."

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) dir. Wes Anderson


Farscape 4x22 - Bad Timing
"Well… sometimes things don’t happen quite the way you imagine ‘em."


Farscape 4x22 - Bad Timing

"Well… sometimes things don’t happen quite the way you imagine ‘em."


I just like to be useful. You know, to the gang? I just never feel useful